Inferring Surface Inhomogeneities on Ultracool Objects

We develop an analytical technique to infer surface inhomogeneities (such as magnetic spots, clouds, and atmospheric vortices) in ultracool objects. We apply our analytical model to fit archival spectra of Luhman 16B, a nearby T Dwarf, collected in Crossfield et al. (2014) and photometric data collected in Buenzli et al. (2015). Published in The Astrophysical Journal.


Current Research

Mapping the Skies of Ultracool Worlds: Projecting Next Generation Telescope Doppler Imaging Peformance

Currently I am developing publicly available code which will estimate next generations telescopes' abilities to Doppler image the surfaces of late M Dwarfs, Brown Dwarfs, and Directly-Imaged Giant Planets.